... the Otto Hermann Memorial ... the Otto Hermann Memorial ox Otto-Hermann-Denkmal

On the hunt for the Bismarck Column on the Rothenburg (which I did not get this time as well) in the night at one o'clock I arrived on the nearby station, undressed directly there and rode to this monument. I slept behind it, took the picture at five in the morning and since arrival stayed in the nude until half past nine (except for two times two minutes standing on a main road and during a photo stopp and the time wearing the sleeping bag). All in all 18,5 kilometers, amongst those a forest track from hell - but in vain, because not only the construction site that had kept me from reaching the tower still was there, but also the area is private property. No good view from on the way as well.

Mon, 10 Aug 2020, Kelbra (Kyffhäuser) [Kirchtal] - On a vacation extra bike trip. During 18,5 km of nude biking.
Clothing status: 0 - While cycling in the nude.
Been seen? 5 % - Most probably not.
Where are the trousers? Where are the trousers? - At my sleeping place behind the memorial.

Hermann: Owner of the knight's estate.
Creator of the artwork: unknown

The camera was operated by the serial self timer. The camera was operated by the serial self timer. - Panasonic TZ-71